LED and Neon Signs: Trendy Gifts for Anybody

Although many people still envision neon signs as bar decor, neon lighting is becoming a popular home decoration. The technicolor glow of neon in movies like La La Land and Blade Runner can become an inspiration for any room, not just the basement bar or man cave. Although many of the new neon signs actually feature LED lights, there’s just something seductive about the interplay of the glass and the neon gas lit from within.

Neon can light up any room. Here are some ideas about how to incorporate it as home decor.

Inspirational (or Not) Phrase

Neon lights can be molded into almost any shape or size. As neon has moved out of the realm of the man cave, more options, both feminine and masculine have emerged. Wordy options include sweet phrases like “love” or “enjoy.” Inner rebels can let it out with a neon sign that screams “who dares, wins.” A custom sign can say anything. A great place to install this phrase is over a bed, like this example, where “I know why the caged bird signs” resides over a bed.

As a Piece of Art

Neon signs can be incorporated into home decor with a vintage or antique feel. After all, neon lights often call to mind old Las Vegas or Los Angeles. Mount neon signs above tables or as a single piece on a wall. Neon signs can be combined with other vintage signs for a more rustic feel.

The Basement Cave

While neon has evolved into refined phrases and shapes, it still has a place in the basement bar rooms and man caves. Neon beer signs illuminating “Budweiser” and “Coors” have a traditional feel that cannot be ignored. Fresh signs that say “it’s five o’clock somewhere” can bring a spark of light to dark man cave.

Finding Your Neon Sign

With all the options available, it’s hard to select just one neon sign. One way to start getting ideas is to browse neon signs for sale. The many options may give you some ideas about how to incorporate neon lights into your home. Another option is to dare to make your own neon sign. As neon signs have increased in popularity, some companies have begun to provide one to three day classes that allow students to make their own signs. This Dublin class shows what it’s like:

Neon signs have are a great decorating choice both in and out of the man cave. Feminine versions with inspirational phrases can light up dark bedrooms and the traditional beer sign can still grace the basement. They are pretty easy to install and you can even make your own if you are crafty.